About Bollinger Atelier

Since 1997, Bollinger Atelier has partnered with artists to realize technically complex artworks of superb quality in their Tempe, Arizona studios. The Atelier’s unique combination of technical expertise, rigorous quality standards, and matchless service guide the production of each artwork as it evolves from the artist’s articulated vision into a material reality. Bollinger Atelier works collaboratively with artists, developing each project technically and formally so that the completed work reaches its full potential on time, as designed, and with superb finish.

After many years of foundry experience, sculptor Tom Bollinger purchased Arizona Bronze Fine Arts Foundry in 1997. Though the foundry had been in operation since 1977, under Bollinger’s leadership the foundry matured into an atelier, a site of artistic collaboration where Bollinger and his team of artisans comprehensively manage projects from design to completion.

Bollinger Atelier’s extensive technical capabilities include bronze, aluminum, and resin casting, complex metal fabrication, digital enlargement, and 3D scanning, among other services. These advanced facilities combine with the Atelier’s rigorous quality standards, highly-trained artisans, and excellent service to ensure the success of each project, regardless of size or medium.

Bollinger Atelier’s staff and artisans work to uphold the Atelier’s established reputation for exceptional service and world-class quality. Over the past 16 years, the Atelier has become a trusted partner for artists worldwide. They have cast and fabricated works for artists Donald Baechler, Tom Sachs, Lorna Simpson, Tom Otterness, Kiki Smith, Thomas Houseago, and Sam Falls among others.

While many fabricators move to expand capacity, Bollinger Atelier remains resolutely small, producing a limited number of works each year. Instead of expanding, Bollinger Atelier strives to refine their processes, investing great care in the creation of each work. Bollinger Atelier’s commitments—to producing excellent work and to delivering each piece with the highest level of service—are both their passion and their business. Contact Bollinger Atelier to see the difference they can make for your work.


"I always like to leave a little room – if not a lot of room – for surprise and experimentation."

-Tom Bollinger

Our Artisans

The heart of Bollinger Atelier is its dedicated, highly trained staff of artisans. Largely recruited from B.F.A. and M.F.A. programs, Atelier artisans are nearly all working artists in addition to their advanced technical training in the processes offered by Bollinger Atelier.

Tom Bollinger, a sculptor himself, encourages Atelier artisans to produce their own sculpture in the Atelier facilities. As a result of this close-knit creative community, Bollinger Atelier is a thriving culture of artistic creation, highly versed to execute projects of ambitious scale and challenging technical requirements. When technical or artistic challenges arise, artisans come together in a lively process of deliberation that often results in innovative solutions. The Atelier’s collaborative culture means that when production issues arise, the Atelier delivers artists solutions, and as always, superbly finished results.