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Elijah Bourque x Bollinger Atelier

We are kicking off 2014 by profiling Artists who produce art and work at Bollinger Atelier.

Elijah Bourque is a sculptor living + working in Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently attending ASU’s Herberger institute for sculpture while working as an Artisan at Bollinger Atelier.

Bourque has been using materials such as concrete and aluminum to realize works that draw parallels between the matrices and forms of nature and those of human industry and culture. These industrial materials provide both a functional plasticity to his inspiration and point to a metaphor in his work- that of a “flow” between the artifact of man and nature.

As an artisan at Bollinger Atelier, Elijah is fastidious and detail oriented. His experience in metal finishing and fabrication has made him a vital member of the production team. Especially, when working on E.V. Day’s Waterlily (Pollination) series in July of 2012.

He recently showed new work at Slipstream. An exhibition of sculpture featuring the work of undergraduates and graduates of Arizona State University Sculpture, Intermedia, and Arts Media. The showcase is a one night event at the historic Icehouse displaying the work of over thirty-five artists.