Discover how large sculptures are delivered and installed to their final site




I'm always amazed at what we do and inspired by our problem solving.


 Director, Special Projects 

We offer comprehensive crating and shipping services designed to protect the surface and structure of each individual artwork. Our custom crates are built by experienced art handlers using the best practices of galleries and museums. Once the crates are complete, we work with our trusted vendors and affiliates around the world to ensure the safe arrival of your project.


installation + documentation

Some pieces require a complex installation process. Before production of an artwork begins, our team begins considering the final installation of the piece.

Our investment in this careful planning process makes installation as smooth as possible, and informs the production of each work. If on-site installation assistance is needed, we are available to coordinate with the site and its team.

Certain projects also require installation kits, which we offer in the form of photo/video and written instructions. This documentation often proves highly beneficial to the life of the work.

It is humbling to travel the world and stumble accross projects we have produced and installed.