Hector Ruiz


BARBIE BUST, 2010 Bronze and Gold Plate, 9 x 3 x 3 in


HOW?, 2009, Fiber glass and Auto Paint, 62 x 48 x 46 in


SUPER SWAMPER, 2009, Bronze ,36 x 16 x 16 in

The art of Hector Ruiz is mired in controversy, but it is a quiet contradiction of self rather than dramatic adversary. The artist’s “Pimp Pop” pieces blithely navigate the delicate tightrope of taking an aesthetic position decidedly similar to the subject of satire. There is a pleasure implicit in the puzzling out of Ruiz’s references, from the re-contextualization of local objects to the approximation of cultural icons, to the addition of fantastical handcrafted appendages. The seductive sheen of polished bronze amid logo-emblazoned satin and jewelry box cases serve as indication that these objects inhabit the boutique realm of the luxury market. Ruiz, by his own creative interpolation, increases the market value of the precious object with the added assumed aesthetic value of its artistic pedigree. Ruiz is asking his audience, collectors, academics and the general public alike, to recognize the stepladder of this global consumerism which dictates value heaped upon value for a progression of replications with slight variations, in the quixotic pursuit of the “new”, erstwhile creating demonstrative works of individual integrity that serve to both illustrate and repudiate the same thesis.